Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eaten Anywhere Good Lately?

Yes! I have. I have been busy busy busy eating EVERYTHING and taking massive amounts of notes so that I can share with you some of my "Off the menu" recipes. Restaurant quality meals that you can whip up at home on the cheap and they are so easy! Be patient, geez. You can't rush genius like

I know I have been seriously slacking on the recipe front lately and I promise to make it up to you. I have some real treats planned for you in the coming months.  The entire month of May will be guest blogger month here at H.N.E. And in June I will be unveiling a new exciting project I've been working on! Well a few new projects, and I am so excited to share them with you. I just need some time to get everything in order and that is why I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to come "babysit" you while I am busy doing grown up stuff. Okay?

So...In no particular order I will be leaving you in the capable literary hands of:

One of my very best friends, Jenn over at  Life Behind the Uniform. Child development guru and my favorite camping buddy, Angela from Sing, Dance, Play, Learn. And last but not least, you will be hearing from my accountability partner Sumi who is going to share some diet and exercise tips with us.

 In Angela's case, she bravely embraces cooking with the children in her daycare center. As a former nanny, I can tell you this is no small feat. Angela will highlight some of the benefits of cooking with your little ones, complete with a wonderful photo recipe tutorial.

Jenn has had the opportunity to travel all over the United States as a military wife and she loves to sample the local fare just like me! She will be sharing some of her favorite foodie finds, from coast to coast.

Sumi is also a fellow foodie, but she somehow finds a way to keep herself in amazing shape. I've asked her to share some of her favorite healthy recipes and to give us some tips on getting and staying motivated with work out routines. You all know how I feel about exercise, but if she can kick my butt into gear, you know she MUST be good.

So I will leave you now, with that teaser. Visit their sites, get to know them because they will be taking care of you for the month of May. I promise, I leave you in very capable hands. And don't worry, I will be here still...lurking in the background...


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