Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strawberry Cupcakes!

Oh, my. Today was a bad day for the waist line. Hot dogs and cheesy mac, and cupcakes galore!

How did this feasting of junk food occur you might ask? Well, I hosted a play date with my client (the child I nanny for) and her schoolmate. We swam for an hour ran around the house which left me famished, I made their two favorites for lunch and then while my client napped I made cupcakes.

Lemon ones with custard filling, topped with whipped cream and strawberries. The custard/pastry cream was thrown together last night as part of an expiriment to duplicate my all time favorite custard filling from Beard Papa's in San Francsico. It came out damn close according to my hubband and I had to agree. I prepared a traditional custard with egg yolks, cream and sugar and folded that into whipped cream a little at a time until WHAM, magic happened. I was very impressed with myself which is not usually how my little midnight expiriments go (yes I really did work on it till midnight).

Naturally when the custard/pastry cream was finished I had to find an appropriate place to STUFF the cream. I happened to have some cupcakes already made on the counter for a friends baby shower. The rest is history. I made over a dozen today to take to my girlfriend at the fire department and while frosting them I may have snuck one or two into my belly! They were NUMS. No doubt about that.

You know what is doubtful? That this website I have been tirelessly working on will be ready by tomorrow. I am all tongue tied and unable to get across to the site designer, what it is I want my site to say. Then we had some communication problem where none of my emails have been getting to him. Here I am sending him page after page of work and getting no response.

I figured he was too busy throwing the site together to respond. Wrong. He didn't get a single one. Now he has to do days worth of work in ONE day and I just know, I know, it wont get done.

I am annoyed but trying not to let it bother me. On the bright side I have some prospects. Some people who appear to be interested in my work and would like to pay me to work for them. That would be tops.

The very tops.

Wish me luck and wish this cursed site some luck too, it needs it.

Be back soon.

Please, come again.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Network THIS

So, this new business I am not telling you about....well, I wanna tell you something about it.

1. It is going well, so far. There has been an increase of interest but no money coming in. It is both encouraging and then not encouraging at the same time!

2. It is very tiring. I am networking at the moment to get myself as "out there", as I can. Pushing my mission statement and the name of this new company is exhausting me. I stayed up last night working on some material for a certain part of another certain part. Yeah, I get that the vagueness is annoying but bare with me, k?

3. I am terrified. I am walking away from a job I have done for nearly 5 years, I have medical and dental through this job, I have an expense account for crying out loud. And I am leaving that, to own my business. It makes my stomach turn. What if...I am doing this all wrong. What if this new web page that I am funneling hundreds of dollars into...what if it tanks? What if no one ever finds it while googling for me? What if I spend a few months doing this, putting my financial status (and marital status for that matter) on the line, just to find out that it isn't going to work? I can't very well go back to what I was doing before this. I can't.

So then what? I am throwing caution to the wind and whats done is I have to ride this till the end. Just pray for me that the end isn't the end at all....

Let's pray it's the beginning then, yeah?

OK, deal!

See ya.

Please, Come again.