Monday, May 31, 2010

Dear Hypothetical Readers

Let's say that there is someone out there reading this horrible excuse for a blog, what do you think of me by now? Three posts in. Full of sarcasm and poor punctuation? Do you have an idea of me in mind already? Have you pictured how I look or what I enjoy doing in my free time?

Because I would really hate to leave you wondering. I suppose if I would like you to come again, which I would, I should let you know something about myself? No?

Well...My name is Ed. OK, That isn't
true. Those are my initials and I am trying to be somewhat anonymous. My real name is private, like many things. I just can't share, we just aren't in that place yet. Be patient. I am slow to warm.

My name is Ed and I am married. Have been for two years, exactly. I love being married.

My name is Ed and I enjoy, very much, baking & cooking. I foresee a lot of posts about my favorite recipes and various eating adventures. I love eating out, especially ethnic foods. Where I live, which is a smallish town in Central California, there is very little in the way of ethnic food. And what we do have is not of the greatest quality.

I make many trips to nearby San Francisco to pick up the necessary ingredients for my favorite ethnic foods.

My name is Ed and I recently gave notice at my place of work so that I may pursue some this wild dream of running my own business.
I will reveal more of that in due time.
My name is Ed and I think we've shared enough.

I do believe I will be doing away with this whole "My name is Ed" business in my next posts. I just cannot see myself keeping this up. I am just not clever enough.

Night out there.