Friday, April 18, 2014

It's A.....

22 weeks pregnant and I finally get to announce to the world that we are having A.....

We are SO excited. I have always wanted a little boy. And I think, even though he was open to either a boy or a girl, Mike is happy he will have another man around the house! Major thanks go out to Jessica Silvius, for the most adorable gender reveal ever! I'd considered being in the shots, but I am feeling far too enormous to try something like that. I love how they came out, even if we are not in them! I promise I will be in all the ones the baby is in. Now that we know the gender, we know his name, too. It's neat to be able to call him by it now. And, no, I cannot share it yet. We promised not to until the baby shower.

So, until then!

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