Saturday, April 5, 2014

20 Week Update- What's New?

Hello out there!

As much as I want to sit down and savor our time together, this is going to be a very quick update because there are 25 different things going on in our lives right now that are almost literally demanding my immediate attention. (Insert head spinning emoticon here). Let's do some bullet points, shall we?


  • I am officially 20 weeks pregnant today and loving every second of it. 
  • Morning sickness has all but vanished and my appetite is back with the vengeance
  • Prenatal migraines suck,  but I am finding that a small cup of half caff coffee helps tremendously
  • I feel enormous and honestly eat from the moment I wake up until bed time, somehow I've managed to only put on 3 pounds in 5 months. OB warns this will catch up with me in the next 4 months!
  • My best friends are planning an absolutely adorable co-ed baby shower for me in June, I am excited to share the photos and the menus with you soon!
  • Last Sunday I was taken into the ER with horrible abdominal pain- the ovulation induction meds I was on to get pregnant have caused a large cyst to form on my right ovary. We found it a few months ago. OB said not to worry, but then the sucker started bleeding into my abdomen. Sounds scarier than it actually us and it appears the cyst has resolved itself. 
  • We got a sneak peak as to what the baby might be from the ER ultrasound tech. Still waiting for our anatomy scan on the 15th to confirm so we will share that as soon as we are certain!
  • Baby D is a very active baby. I started feeling small flutters around 17 weeks, now there are obvious thumps a few times a day. I am so in love with our little bean, and feeling him/her move around in there makes me a whole new kind of happy I've never felt before. 
    17 Weeks.

  • Work is absolutely nuts at the moment, both in my teaching job and the catering company, trying to balance the demands of my career and being 5 months pregnant has been...challenging. 
  • DH has been incredible these last 20 weeks. I am experiencing some gnarly hormonal mood swings (crying and nostalgia mostly) and he has taken on so much extra work around the house to help me "take it easy." I feel so lucky to have a husband who's as intuitive and accommodating as he's been. I wasn't an easy wife to deal with before, I have no clue how he's handling me now! 
  • We have officially settled on names for a BOY or a GIRL. (No, I'm not telling!)
  • Last, but not least, we are MOVING! Our home was listed for about a week before we got our first offer, it was a few days later that we found our new dream home! I know, I know...who in the world get's pregnant, starts a new job, sells their home and moves to a new city all in 5 months? Apparently, I do.  Our new home is 8 miles into the country, not too far from the city, but far enough that the dogs will have plenty of room to play and be puppies and our baby will need a tiny cowboy/cowgirl boots! 

20 Weeks.
So, that's what's new! Whoa...right? Escrow closes on both homes on the SAME DAY and I've got about 12 days left to pack up what I can before the big day. Being pregnant certainly makes it difficult for me to help out with the move as much as I'd like to. Luckily we have some amazing friends who've offered to help us! I'll have to think of something wonderful and naughty to bake up and reward them for their hard work. Like these carmelitas from LuLu The Baker. I've found a few variations for caramel chocolate chip cookie bars, but these are the hands down winner. They are dangerously easy to throw together and they are even more addicting. Perfect to bribe your friends with and perfect for satisfying those stubborn pregnancy cravings!

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