Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brie and Rubbarb Grilled Cheese

Yes, you read that title correctly. It's brie...smooth, earthy and gooey...melted in between 2 thick slices of fresh rosemary bread with rhubarb jam. Raspberry rhubarb jam to be exact. Why? Because it's what we had on hand and also because it is freaking delicious! It will make your mouth water when you catch that first whiff of toasted bread, rosemary and sweet rhubarb.

Eat this with coffee. Eat this with apple herbal tea (and cream). Eat this with chicken noodle soup from Costco (or make it yourself ya lazy bum!).

But please, make this. And then add this to your list of secret weapons. Whip this out when you need to impress a new friend or when your husband is being a pain in the ass. He will LOVE it. Because it is that perfect balance of sweet and savory. He'll ask, is this dinner or dessert and the great thing is you do NOT have to answer that! What it is plain and simple, is AMAZING.

This is one of those recipes that is in fact not a recipe at all. It is a method. Bread, fillings, heat...YAY...grilled cheese. Get it? Good.

With that in mind here's how dinner went last night. I took a loaf of damn good rosemary bread from our favorite bakery. I cut thick thick slices and filled them with brie and a tbsp or 2 of raspberry and rhubarb jam. I warmed up a skillet. I sh-meared butter on one side of the sandwich and toasted it butter side down. The slice facing me then got another sh-mear of butter and then I flipped it. It looked melty and gooey enough for me so then I ATE it. The whole damn thing in practically one giant, jaw unhinging bite. It was divine. I had an out of body experience.

I have to disclose to you that placing something sweet inside a grilled cheese sandwich is not at all an original idea. I've seen it all over the place. Apples and cheddar cheese. Pears and blue cheese. It happens often because it works. It makes so much sense, so please don't be too afraid to try this out. Take me at my word or google some other sweet savory grilled cheese "recipes" that call out to you and try them out.

I went to an amazing restaurant here in town a few months ago that sort of inspired the sandwich we had last night. They served a vegetarian 3 cheese and huckelberry jam sammie that knocked my socks off. If you're ever in Paso Robles do check them out and if that sandwich is still on the menu...order 7 and eat them all week!

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